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Tile Making for the Vyne roof Project – 16th of May

h1>Thank you

We’d like to say a big thank you to all those that attended The ‘Make a Tile’ event at The Vyne on the 16th of May and made it such a great day.

We had a constant stream of visitors, reporters and National Trust staff come along to make their own Keymer tile! Overall, it was an amazing day. The National Trust looked after us really well. Volunteers, staff and visitors made their own tiles, and really enjoyed the experience.

Visitors to the Tile Making Event were invited make their own little slice of history by contributing individually hand made and tagged tiles that will go on our new roof at the National Trust’s Vyne property.

The idea behind this event was that people was to allow visitors to make a hand crafted tile or to write a message on the back of a tile that had already been fired. All of these tiles will be fitted on the roof when the new roof is laid to create a something special.

For the Vyne project the National Trust has created a site where you can experience conservation in action, as this former Tudor mansion undergoes a major roof project.

The roof top walk is breathtaking and offers a glimpse in to the history of the building and the methods used to create it.

Watch the BBC video: Lifting the lid on The Vyne’s restoration

About The Vyne

The Vyne is a 16th-century country house outside Sherborne St John near Basingstoke in Hampshire, England. The Vyne was built for Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain. The house retains its Tudor chapel, with stained glass.

National Trust has created an site where you can experience conservation in action as this former Tudor mansion undergoes a major roof project.




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